Our Warehouse

After more than 4 years of hard work and growth, our dream has come true. We bought a warehouse just a few blocks down from the retail store (on Oakwood Street), where we will move our workshop and be able to make other dreams happen!

We like to refer to ourselves as a museum of sorts. Between the store and the workshop, there are so many pieces that might seem similar to other art—but they have a truly unique story. The history and character behind the pieces is unmatched. We try to make the custom pieces just as interesting as the antiques, the vintage finds, the forgotten treasures. Just as any great author has their paper and pen, we need the proper canvass and tools to do our own work. This new warehouse gives us the best setup we could ever ask for.

The retail store will still be open of course. Thanks to this, we will have the proper capabilities to take Architectural Salvage Bank to the next level. If you thought we were impressive before…just wait until we get into full swing in January!

We could not have done this without our loyal customers and everyone who referred us to their friends and family. Thank you for supporting our business and helping us realize our wildest imagination. It only gets better from here on out!