Not only do we specialize in custom work and antiques, but we also carry a variety of wood for your own DIY projects! Of course, if you see a piece or slab of wood that you love, we can make a custom out of it for you!

Bishop Wood Slabs
Live Edge Rosewood Slabs
Golden Eucalyptus Wood Slab
Cedar Wood Slabs
Black Walnut Slabs
Barn Wood Planks
Cypress Wood Slabs
Tall Hickory Wood Slab
Monkey Pod Slabs
Large American Elm Slab
Large Oak Slab
Live Edge Cypress Slab
Monkey Pod Slab
Large Camphor Slab
Old Growth Cedar Slabs
Urban Cuban Mahogany Slabs
Rosewood Slab
Lemon Eucalyptus Slab
Small Red Gum Slabs
Florida Red Gum Wood Table Top
American Elm & Lemon Eucalyptus Slabs
Black Walnut Slab
Florida Rosewood Slabs
Old Grown Cedar Slabs
River Cypress Slab
Live Edge Sinker Cypress
Spalted Ambrosia Maple Slab
Chestnut Planks
Black Heart Magnolia Slab
Cypress Beam & Slabs
Variety of Wood Planks
Urban Florida Rosewood Slabs
Variety of Wood Planks
Walnut Planks
Monkey Pod Slab
Spalted Sycamore Slabs
Pecky Cypress Planks & Slabs
Black Walnut Slabs
Variety of Sinker Cypress Planks
Burly Maple Slab
Iron Bark Slab
Spalted Sweet Gum Slab
Florida Rosewood Slab
Barn Wood Variety
Red Eucalyptus Slab
Lemon Eucalyptus Turner's Block
Black Walnut Slab